Medium Eternal Flame™© #96-007

Medium Eternal Flame™© #96-007

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Keep the torch of their memory lit forever with the Eternal Flame™© 3 heights and 4 colors to choose from. Contains Cremains. Lighted base available to illuminate the colors.

Each Art Glass keepsake is handmade and therefore unique. The Artist uses different blends of colors based on the choice of Dimensions, Infinity, Earth & Sky or New Dawn; however, since each piece is a unique and hand-crafted work of art combining a loved one's cremains, the overall look and color variations may vary. Art Glass ships within 21 working days.

Prior to shipping the half teaspoon of cremains (per piece ordered) there should be a signed release between the Funeral Home and the Family for the transportation of such cremains. Written releases are available through the NFDA, CANA, ICCFA and other organizations.

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